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Townhouse Art and Framing is beginning the process of moving to its new home, Suite 5B in the Crossroads Shopping Center, soon! Here's what's going to happen:

1) On April 17th, we will temporarily stop taking in orders. This is to insure we can get as much work done as possible before The Move--and to expose a minimum amount of artwork to the chaotic moving process. Don't worry, we'll be back to take your orders again soon!

2) On April 30th, we will close temporarily for pickups as well. We anticipate the moving and updating process will take somewhere around three weeks, and are projecting

MAY 21, 2023

As our reopening date in our new location (which is just a few doors to the right, so you know!).

3) If your artwork is still in the shop when we move, we promise that every care will be taken in its relocation, but be aware--we will NOT BE ABLE TO TAKE A SALE while our register is in a box somewhere. If you desperately, burningly need it, you'll have to pay with cash or check. (Also, if this is the case, try emailing us at to let us know!).

We are beyond excited to expand our business and offer EVEN MORE options in a larger space! We'll keep you updated on the move via this blog, and you can always check in with us at Thanks for your patience during a brief bout of chaos.

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