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We're Back!

This is Slappy the Sad Sack Sanny Silo. He might have only cost ten bucks at Lidl, but we love him.

Welly well well! The stay at home order is lifted, we have (as you can see) this lovely touch-free hand sanny dispenser, and all is right with the world once again. We have missed people so, soooo much. Those of you who saw me on Saturday and thought I was weird--I apologize. I've become a COVID hermit, and sometimes I get excited just, you know, having some company.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you guys know we're back--though, as with pretty much every other business opening its doors right now, there are a few changes in how we do business I want to let you in on.

1) We're committed to not giving anyone COVID. We're also committed to not catching COVID. Because of this, we've instituted certain sanitary measures to keep everybody safe while welcoming our customers back into the shop. We will take your order in mask and gloves, and strongly encourage you to come in protected as well! If you want protection but haven't been able to find it, I've got surgical masks and gloves I'm happy to give you. Our samples, door handles, and other frequently touched areas are regularly sanitized between customer visits, and, if you're still worried (which is totally understandable):

2) We are still happy to take your order online. I've had some success taking orders by email, and can still perform curbside delivery and pickup for you if requested. If you phone in your card, we can do this whole thing without a single direct contact! We can even videoconference, if you'd prefer it--though my experience has been that photos allow for better image resolution.

3) No more than four customers in at a time. Those of you who've visited us before know our showroom is very small--this is to make sure state guidelines as to retail capacity are met, and also to keep you safe! There are rarely four people in the shop at the same time, so this shouldn't be too much of an issue--but it might be wise to call ahead and see if we're busy before you come down.

4) If you are elderly, at-risk, or just being careful, but want to see physical samples, give me a call. I'm willing to make an appointment for you on Saturday or Sunday, when the store is closed, to make sure you're safe!

I guess that about covers it, for now. So excited to see you guys again!

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Ma Deus
Ma Deus
May 19, 2020

Wooo hoooo! I cannot wait to try out Slappy the Sad Sack Sanny Silo. He Sounds Slightly Sinister.

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