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State of the framing

Welp, as most of you probably know, our governor has extended North Carolina's stay-at-home order until May 8th, at least. So let me tell you how things are going over here. Are we open? Are we closed? Have we exploded?

Good news: we haven't exploded (yet). You might, in fact, have noticed this sign in the front of the store, if you've been by:

For the duration of the order, Townhouse Art and Framing is open on a pickup/dropoff basis, and we are not allowed to have customers in the shop. This means, essentially, that you make an appointment with me on the phone or by email, hand me your artwork, and we talk about what to do with it through email/one of the many messaging apps I have on my phone (Facebook Messenger, Skype, and Zoom are all pretty good, though I'd honestly recommend email, as you can get a much better look at my suggested samples that way. However, if we do Zoom, I can actually see your house--not a bad thing, for a framer).

We've gotta keep everybody safe, right?

So, pickup/dropoff it is. If you want, we can even do this contactlessly (is that even a word? I guess it gets to be, if we can say effortlessly), where I both take the artwork out of your trunk and deposit it back in there when the framing is finished, and you give me your card number by phone. I'm even willing to do delivery of pieces smaller than 24x36 within ILM city limits, to help keep y'all in your houses and also me in my business, and, above all, keep everybody healthy.

So, long story short, we are still framing pictures, and we're changing with the times. If you want more details of how this thing works, or want to make an appointment, or just want to chat for a little while, really, call me up.

Stay safe, everybody, and be good to one another,


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